Monday, November 9, 2009

"Thank You" from the Executive Director

Community involvement is the heart of any non-profit. Those willing to participate in its offerings and programs are of course critical to its health and success, but every bit as critical is the volunteer support that makes these offerings possible. Sotterley Plantation has been blessed with the best volunteers in Southern Maryland, from its Garden Guild, Interpreters, Museum Shop workers, Hospitality Team, WineFest and Garden Fair committee members, office volunteers, event volunteers and more. We could not keep our doors open without each and every one.

Special thanks need to be given to a very special group that recently went the extra mile for Sotterley, and beyond. The Ghosts of Sotterley cast and crew exemplified what it means to be a truly selfless volunteer during the 2009 tour event. Under the talented leadership of Producer/Lead Director Dawna Diaz, Technical Director and wizard Ming Diaz, Production Assistant/Assistant Director James LePore, Writer Morriah Cell, Assistant Director Danyel McAllister, Makeup Supervisor Michael Conlon, and Stage Manager Anne Schwartz, this talented team of about 40 people met for months each and every week to fine tune what was undoubtedly our best production to date.

The event weekend provided further challenges as the weather turned cold and rainy for all three days, but tour after tour, the actors and crew endured daunting conditions along their stations on the grounds of Sotterley. They never wavered in their efforts to provide a first class production for our guests. Sotterley event volunteers who came specifically to work the Ghost Tour weekend also graciously worked under the less than ideal conditions, and the event could certainly not have taken place without their support.

Each volunteer for the Ghosts of Sotterley Tours knew that this event provides critical operational funds for Sotterley, and that their actions would make a very real difference to the site. My heart swells with pride as I think that Sotterley has been lucky enough to have these wonderful volunteers as our best faces and supporters for this event. May I offer my heartfelt thanks to every one of you, and the thanks of the entire Sotterley staff and Board of Trustees.

Also, I want to offer my thanks to all those in the community who braved the elements to come and see The 2009 Ghost Tours. You made this event a success and the efforts of all of our many volunteers worth it, and Sotterley offers its thanks to you as well.

With utmost gratitude,
Nancy Easterling
Executive Director

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