Monday, October 10, 2011

A Note of Gratitude

We would like to thank the following for their generous contributions to help defray the costs of the Hurricane Irene clean-up of Sotterley Plantation. Your help MATTERS! We are grateful for contributions in any dollar amount. To donate online:

L. Millette
Mrs. Louise K. Snell
Mrs. Jeanne Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Elchenko
Ashley Gardiner
The Nancy Ruyle Dodge Charitable Trust
Mrs. Janet B. Rowland
The Ganlee Fund
Maryland Land Title Association
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. Birch
Dr. Gita S. van Heerden
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Houston
Mr. Bill Schmalgemeyer
Ms. Tara Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Aldridge
Mr. and Mrs. John J. McAllister, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Turner, III
Ms. Doreen Gantz
Marion & William O.E. Sterling Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Cole
Mr. and Mrs. Harry E Storck
Ms. Merideth Taylor
W. M. Davis, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. John Parker
Ms. Eleanor F. Slater
Mrs. Garnett W. Bow
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Y. Clagett
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Duke
Dyson Building Center
Mr. Carl Fleischhauer
Ms. Dolores McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Norman McGuire
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Segar, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Smolinski
Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Stiles
Ms. Jacqueline G. Bond
Mrs. Joan Burroughs
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh T. Cassidy
Cedar Point Federal Credit Union
Mr. Thomas K. Crickmer
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Guy
Guy Distributing
Mrs. Mary P. Kukla
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Moody
Ms. Christine Neurauter
Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Beverly Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer F. Wolfrey
Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Berry
Mr. and Mrs. Francis R. Bodine
Capt. and Mrs. Martin Deppe
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Donohue
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Goldsmith
Hon. and Mrs. Marvin S. Kaminetz
Ms. Jeanette Kauffman
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Shoemaker
Mr. Jack G. Upton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. William T. Armstrong
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ernest Bell, II
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Bowes
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Briscoe
Mr. and Mrs. David Butler
Mrs. Pamela Freeman
Mr. Gerard Gleckel
Ms. Frances L. Kilcullen
Ms. Erin Knight
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Kohn
Ms. Florence Lanham
Ms. Juanita Marsh
Ms. Barbara Mason
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Nelson
Ms. Carol P. Galaty
Mrs. Betty B. Peterkin
Mr. Robert Struth
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tinari
Ms. Laura E. Verge
Ms. Denise Watson
Ms. Katie Watts
Mr. Bruce Weden
Ms. Jessica Wells
Mrs. Annette H. Wilfong
Mr. Leigh Wolf
Mr. Melrose Woodward
Ms. Christine R. Wray

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