Thursday, October 13, 2011

SUPERSTARS Ready to Perform!

Ghosts of Sotterley Tours 2011: "After the Storm!"

Run Dates: Oct. 13, 14, 15 and 21 & 22

Reservations Required:

Dawna Diaz
Director, Producer, Makeup
Dawna has been actively involved in all aspects of the Ghosts of Sotterley Tours for the past 9 years. She loves working with the creative technical genius of her husband. When not on a stage, she can be found Mediating or working her day job on base at Atlantic Test Range.

Ming Diaz
Technical Director, Makeup, Sound

Ming has been acting and doing tech since the 60's in middle school and there is no cure in sight. His constant enjoyment is working for people who want to play in their performances while giving audiences their best. His alter ego is being a clown and face-painter for children.

James LePore
Assistant Director, Playwright

JAMES LEPORE is a working actor who has written and assistant directed Sotterley's Ghosts Tours for the past three years, has performed in eight productions at the Three Notch Theatre, is a DJ on internet radio ( and is the Host of The Buzz on TV’s Metrocast Channel 10.

Wesley Thomas
Technical Director
This is Wesley's third year with the Ghosts of Sotterley Tours. He has brought skills learned in the Navy and loves to play will all things technical. His day job is as a test flight electronic/electrician on trainer jets and is always looking forward to the next Ghosts of Sotterley Tours.


Producer - Dawna Diaz
Technical Direction - Ming Diaz, Wesley Thomas
Director - Dawna Diaz Assistant Director - James LePore
Costumes - Joanna Wood
Makeup - Many wonderful and talented people
Sound - Ming Diaz
Playwright - James LePore

Three Drowned Women - Emily Funderburk, Maureen Baxter, Shannon Ivanchev
Creepy Bridge - Anna Singer, Thomas Gallagher
Creepy Bridge Creatures - Emily Colby, Samantha Kuehne
Grave Robber Jonathan - Sam Colby
Grave Robber Elias - Tyler Spalding
Cadaver - Dave Rawlinson
Captain - Patrick Welton
Drowned Women - Alison Dodges, Andrea Hein
Drowned Children - Hailey Dodges, Sabrina Hein
Fisherman - Kerry Jones
Son - Jared Mathe
Walter Jr. - Eric Zabiegalski, Curt Dodges
William - Jacob Dodges
Evelina - Brianna McFarlane, Nasya Jackson
Creepy Kid Margaret - Alyssa Fox
Creepy Kid Robert - Evan Korn
Creepy Kid Lillian - Tia LePore
Emeline Briscoe - Nancy Moran
Schoolgirls - Jade Burch, Alexis Smith, Kenna Tejchman
Scary Couple - Frank and Pat Greenwell
Doctor Briscoe - Paul Rose
Christina - Katrina Lindemann
Housekeeper - Pam Korn
Grandma - Pam Parker
Girls - Ashlie Coon, Jackie Smedley
Tour Guides - Lynn Burton, Melissa Johnson, Amanda LePore, Sarah Pollard, Claire van Beek, Julie Woods
Field 1 Ghosts - Sage Burch, Sarah Dudley, Elisabeth Hunsinger, Kendal Karstens, Marion D'Aurora & Emily Miesowitz

Field 2 Ghosts - Allison Bulvin, Catherine Bulvin, Abby Kuehne Woods Ghosts - Kim Gilliam, Megan Woods

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