Sunday, October 18, 2009

The ULTIMATE in Spookiness!

The Ghosts of Sotterley Tours 2009 was a thrilling and chilling success! Last night the three nights of tours came to a close. The production was put on by the acting troupe "Friends of Sotterley" - who braved the rain and winds to do what they do best! Guests were treated to a historic dramatization taking place during The War of 1812 Era.

Making their way down the slate path to Rolling Road, visitors were greeted by the sinister tour guide cautioning them to keep their children close since "This year ... the ghosts can see you, too!" From the woods emerged a woman with the most blood-curdling screams, as she recounted the tragic loss of her husband and her baby. Gilbert the Slave, singing outside of the Slave Cabin, was startled and came out swinging his ax in fear for his life. The ghostly Admiral Cockburn and his band of terrifying minions didn't hesitate to take a guest into their clutches to a destination unknown. Gun shots rang out up the hill! More chaos erupted as brother and sister, George Plater V and Anne Plater, had a heated family argument on the front portico of The Mansion. A creepy child ghost glared at visitors as they turned into the gardens. Confusion about who was dead and who was alive ensued at the Sundial, as young love was cut short by the ravages of war. Making their way to a fire in the distance, the most gruesome of ghostly figures appeared, warning of "the uglies up ahead." The guilt-ridden British naval officer pleaded for forgiveness and for the crowd to take him from his miserable camp, to no avail. Rustling in the bushes. Eerie children begging for hand-outs. A learning moment from a living human being. The tour ended with the vanishing of the tour guide before the very eyes of the guests!

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  1. This tour was great! Those poor girls crawling around in the cold and mud. What troopers! We had a great time and are coming back for the tour on November 13th! Can't wait.