Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Three more days until our Holiday Candlelight Tours

This holiday season, Sotterley Plantation hosts its Holiday Candelight Tours with the theme, 'Sotterley Under Siege.' The dramatic production, based upon historical facts, is set in the year 1814 reenacting the effects of the War of 1812 that were felt at Sotterley Plantation.

The drama unfolds as the Plater family struggles to stay in the home and celebrate Christmas with family and friends. Unfortunately, the British Red Coats have claimed the home for their own, and smugly speak of their victories across the region, which begs the question, "Whose party is it, anyway?"

In each room of the 1703 Mansion, guests will be treated to the varying perspectives. Carrying candles, they first meet the ghosts of George Plater II and his wife Rebecca, past residents of the plantation who are up to no good. Winding their way from room to room, eventually guests will find themselves in the dining room – and the question is, "Is he who sits at the head of the table in control?"

This entertaining performance combines wit and humor with an important history lesson of Sotterley Plantation in the past. The script and production are the efforts of long-time Sotterley volunteers who give of themselves to make the Holiday Candlelight Tours a success event, year after year.

Set foot upon the grounds of Sotterley Plantation for the Holiday Candlelight Tours and become completely enchanted by the entire experience – be greeted warmly by the Sotterley staff and volunteers, listen to the live seasonal music and enjoy wassail and treats. Walk over to the Mansion and immediately enjoy a sense of being transported back in time.

The tour itself is a well-orchestrated performance combining the ever-important entertainment value with the true history of the time period. Reservation are required, but the cost is only $15 per person. Call (301) 373-2280 or visit www.sotterley.org for more details.

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