Thursday, October 6, 2011

Our BIG WineFest Thank You!

Despite overcast skies and whipping winds, Riverside WineFest was a tremendous success, yet again, this year! A supportive community, fleeced and booted, left the comfort of their toasty homes to enjoy our largest annual event ... thanks to all!

Year after year, we are deeply humbled by the support of so many generous individuals and companies. With their contributions - financial, in-kind, talents, and volunteer hours - Sotterley is able to continue her important educational programming and remain open to the public.

MUCH Thanks to All:

WineFest 2011 Sponsors:

Wine Glass Sponsor - $7,500
Old Line Bank

Major Event Sponsors - $3,000
BAE Systems
The Ganlee Fund
SMC Tourism
G.S. Proctor Associates, Inc.
Heritage Printing and Graphics

Event Supporters - $1,000
Community Bank of Tri-County
Ausley Associates, Inc.
W.M. Davis, Inc.
Northrop Grumman
Top Hat Party Design
United Site Services
Best Buy
Dave and Erna Brown

Event Patron - $500
Aloft Solutions, LLC
Calvert Marina
The McNelis Group, LLC
Sabre Systems
Baldwin & Briscoe
Radnor Manufacturing
Personalized Therapy, LLC
Hugh C. Gardiner, Inc.
Hilltop Graphics and Gifts
Busy Corner Buggies

Corporate Circle Members
BAE Systems, Inc.
The BayNet
Chaney Foundation
The Ganlee Fund
Petty Family Trust
PNC Bank
Tri-County Abstract
Wentworth Nursery
Raley, Watts & O’Neill

WineFest 2011 Program Advertisers:

Baldwin & Briscoe, P.C.
Café des Artiste
California Wine & Spirits
Canard’s Catering
Caren’s of Solomons
Community Bank of Tri-County
Dargan & Miller, DDS
Dry Dock Restaurant
Greenwell Foundation
Guenther’s Fine Wine & Spirits
Heritage Printing
Images Photography
Interlude Pet Resort & Spa
Maertens Fine Jewelry
Maryland Wineries Association
The McNelis Group, LLC
North End Gallery
Prince George’s Federal Savings Bank
PNC Bank
Personalized Therapy, LLC
Pink Beach
Printing Press
Sotterley Garden Guild
SMCM’s River Concert Series
St. Mary’s County Division of Tourism
St. Mary’s Hospital
St. Mary’s River Watershed Association
W.M. Davis

BAE Systems’ employees
Bill Bailey & Susan Dudley – Baileys Party Rentals
Mickey Bowes ~ Liberty Office Supply,
Chris & Deena Burroughs – Busy Corner Buggies
Pete Butte – Communications Facilities
Cathy Conlon - St. Mary’s County State’s Attorney’s Office
Color & Light Society
Community Bank of Tri-County Employees
Wayne Copsey - Copsey’s Seafood & Ice
Jennifer Dell, Paul Fenton ~ Coldwell Banker
Billy Fitzgerald ~ Old Halfway House
Dean Fogel - Southern Maryland Wine Association
Cindy Greb ~ Compass Pointe
Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department & Rescue Squad
Kim Husick
Carolyn Laray - St. Mary’s County Div. of Tourism
Maryland Wineries Association - Kevin Atticks, Regina McCarthy, Jade Ostner
Roy Morris – United Site Services
Sheri Burch Norris ~ Burchoil
PNC Bank Employees
Patuxent River Naval Air Museum
Jeanne Pirtle
Rob Plant ~ Blue Wind Gourmet
Steve Purvins - Lawton Hall Farm
Raley, Watts and O’Neill
Donna Reeves
St. Mary’s County Board of Commissioners
St. Mary’s County Fairgrounds,
St. Mary’s County Parks and Recreation
St. Mary’s Landing, St. Mary’s River Yacht Club
Seafarers Harry Lundeberg School of Seamanship
Simpson’s Store in LaPlata
So MD So Good –
Katherine Stormont, Susan McQuilkin, Christine Bergmark, Frank Chandler, Phillip McQuilkin, Chef Gary Frick, Chef Rasheed Adurrahman, Chef Loic Jaffres, Chef Brendan Cahill, Chef Charllene Obal, Sara Lasher, John Wood, Carrrie Kelly, Charlene Pizzadili, Sue Sloane, Arlene Dodson
Southern Maryland Wine Growers Cooperative
Sherman Smith
Arleen Strider
Richard Tarr and St. Mary’s Public Works
Carla Tomaszewski of BAE Systems
Mike, Cookie & Sharon – Top Hat Party Design
Wentworth’s Nursery
Zahniser’s Yachting Center

Sotterley Volunteers:

Bob Aldridge
Chasity Allen
Michael Arnold
Rebecca Bahm
Sam Baldwin, Jr.
Donald Barber
Barbara Bell
Jerry Birch
Pat Birch
Miriam Bonk
Katie Borland
Mary Ellen Borland
Gloria Brady
Ray Breedan
Aimee Bridgeman
Jan Briscoe
Jeffrey Brotherton
Dave Brown
Erna Brown
Leann Buckout
Harry Burgess
Leslie Burgess
Helen Bush
Brady Cady
Steve Caroll
Cabott Cashwell
Christina Castro
Jan Christoffersen
Thomas Church
Alex Clarke
Kristina Cole
Dave Comfor
Latreavan Commodore
Carol Cornell
Rachel Cornell
Maeve Coughlin
Dave Craddock
Kaylee Crosley
Charito Custodio
Rafael Custodio
Christie D'Angelo
Anne Davis
Garrett Davis
Jeanne Davis
Kara Davis
Wayne Davis
Laura Dean
Lori Deaton
Jennifer Dell
Robert de Vos
Dawna Diaz
Ming Diaz
Allen Easterling
Katy Easterling
Bernard Eubanks
Karen Everett
Chalice Fike
Sara Fisher
Susannah Fowler
Carl Franzen
Kathy Franzen
Jacob Frazier
James Freels
Renee Gardiner
Debbie Gray
Ashley Harradon
Patrick Hefferman
Gretchen Heinz Hardman
Veronica Henry
Eric Hill
Adam Hills
Melissa Hisslop
Hilke Hoefer
Carolyn Hoey
Julie Hoey
Cris Horton
Jennifer Horton
Kim Insley
Christina Johnson
Bert Johnston
Bevery Johnston
Jackie Jones
Marshall Jones
Peggy Jones
Nancy Kazmaier
Catherine Kelly
Cheri Kidd
Sandy Kraft
Mary Kukla
Paul Kukla
Karen Lowry
Becky MacDonald
Kristin Mankowski
Butch Mattingly
Megan Mattingly
Sharon Mattingly
Daphne McGuire
Keith McGuire
Steve Meizoso
Tess Meizoso
Robert Miller
David Morgan
Paula Moroz
Steve Moroz
Melinda Mountjoy
Maria Nickerson
Nick Nickerson
Hal Noel
Kathy Norris
Valerie Norton
Maria Perrygo
David Phalen
Mitzi Phalen
Summer Poole
Karen Price
Mike Ringling
Rod Rodman
Steven Ross
Erin Rothback
Hannah Rothback
Janet Rowland
Kathi Russell
Brennan Sahut
Bill Schmalgemeyer
Annie Skaggs
Julie Slade
Mary Slade
Aleshia Smith
Jackie Smith
Karen Smith-Hubb
Louise Snell
Shirley Spivey
Mary Ann Stamm
Mike Stamm
Christine Stanley
Ginni Stein
Sigrid Stiles
Emma Strider
Erin Strider
Michael Strider
Carole Tucker
Fran Turgeon
Lillian Turner
Mallory Turner
Marci Turner
Ted Turner
Henry Vonfricken
Charles Wallace
Nancy Warren
Douglas Wesley
Kwesi West
Molly Whitacre
Mike Whitson
Mike Wilson
Karol Wolgemuth
Julie Woods
Megan Woods

2011 Riverside WineFest Committee:
Ellen Zahniser - Committee Chair
Nancy Easterling - Executive Director
Joseph Goldsmith
Sharon Mattingly
Eileen Miller
Louise Snell
Ginni Stein
Bob Trible
Linda Tucker Jones
Kim Tune

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