Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Donations for a New Network Keeps Sotterley Up and Running

After an already challenging fall, our network computers finally started to give up the ghost at the end of the year and we knew that its days were limited. In on a white horse rode Community Bank of Tri-County, W. M. Davis, Inc., and G. S. Proctor and Associates, Inc. Community Bank donated network servers that were no longer needed for their organization, and W. M. Davis and G. S. Proctor provided the funds necessary to retrofit the computers for Sotterley’s needs. All three companies are long-time supporters of our site, and in our hour of need they once again stepped forward to help. Sotterley may represent 300 years of our shared history, but we still need to be rooted in the 21st century in our office. Our sincere thanks to each of these three organizations for keeping Sotterley up and running!

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