Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Five Sotterley Christmas Celebrations

This Friday and Saturday, Sotterley is pleased to present the 2012 Holiday Candlelight performances ~ "From This Day Forward." This year's script welcomes visitors to five Sotterley Christmas celebrations:

The Gatehouse ~ December 25, 1826
Eavesdrop on an intimate moment between young newlywed Emeline Dallam Briscoe and her sister Lydia as they discuss Emeline’s recent marriage, and their anticipation of a bright future.

The New Room ~ December 25, 1839
Join the Briscoe’s growing family in their private sitting room, a respite from the outside world of sickness and strife, as they discuss family concerns and plans for their children.

The Drawing Room ~ December 25, 1862
As the Civil War rages, Walter and Emeline host Lydia and Chapman Billingsley to their family celebration. Their son, Henry, and his fiancé also join them. The family’s faith and resolve are tested as three Briscoe sons plan to join the Confederacy in Richmond, just days after the Battle of Fredericksburg where the Army of Virginia has been victorious, but at a very high cost.

The Red Room ~ December 25, 1864
During the last days of the Confederacy, Maryland has just emancipated their slaves on November 1, 1864. With the Briscoes away for the evening, Hilry Cane, his wife Alice, and Hilry’s son, George, gather to discuss their past and their new found freedom. Will freedom now threaten to tear their family apart?

The Dining Room ~ December 25, 1885
As the Briscoe children, James, Margaret, and Walter, wait for their parents to arrive downstairs, they share memories with granddaughter Elizabeth and celebrate the nearly sixty year marriage of Emeline Dallam Briscoe and Dr. Walter Hanson Stone Briscoe. They discuss changing circumstances, events, and the future of Sotterley.

Introducing the tremendously talented,
Cast & Crew:

Director ~ James LePore
Assistant Director & Playwright ~ Jeanne Pirtle
Production Manager ~ Linda Tucker Jones
Production Assistant ~ Dawn Lopez
Technical Director ~ Wesley Thomas
Frank Greenwell
Pat Greenwell
Sarah Dudley
Alyssa Fox
Tia LePore
Helena Fondeur
Sarah Georgiou
Amanda LePore
Shannon Ivanchev
Paul Rose
Emily Fox
Phoenix Ivanchev
Kim Bessler
Ming Diaz
Dawn Weber
J.D. Hogg
Timothy Joyce
Emily Funderburk
Shemika Berry
Jay Hunter
Kenny Waters
Jivon Jackson
Kirk Kugel
Ashley Maucher
Chris Burch
Dawna Diaz

Advance reservations required.
$15 per person.

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