Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Applause! Applause! Ghosts of Sotterley a Success!

The many performances of this year's Ghosts of Sotterley - “Reapers in Red Coats 1814” wow-ed crowds on October 17, 18, 23, 24, and 25, 2014! Our sincere thanks to ALL who made this event one which audiences will remember and talk about for a long time to come! There are so many people who volunteer their time and talents to benefit Historic Sotterley Plantation and we are grateful to every single one of you!

Official Sponsors:
The Boeing Company
Ming and Dawna Diaz
The Mathe Family
Aaron Schoolcraft
Wesley Thomas
Dawna Diaz
Director, Producer
Dawna has been actively involved in all aspects of the Ghosts of Sotterley for the past 13 years. She returned as Director and Producer for this year's production. When not directing or performing on a stage, she is a Life Coach.  She also has a day job on base at Atlantic Test Range. 
Ming Diaz
Makeup Director
Ming has been acting and doing tech since the 60's in middle school and there is no cure in sight. His constant enjoyment is working for people who want to play in their performances while giving audiences their best. His alter ego is being a clown and face-painter for children.
Stacy Oosterink
Stacy Oosterink is a veteran of SOMD theater, most recently directing "Little Shop of Horrors" for the Newtowne Players. This is her Sotterley debut. She'd like to thank Dawna, Ming, Sotterley Plantation, and her family for their trust, support, and giving her another opportunity to play with her friends.  
Paul Rose
Playwright & Director
Paul Rose is very excited about this experimental move from years of acting in the Sotterley Ghost Tours, to a chance to write and direct. Paul would like to point out that the choice to cast his daughter, Madeline, has no nepotism about it. He needed to cast a pretty, talented 12 year old girl who owned two Yorkie puppies and she was a fit! 
Wesley Thomas
Technical Director
This is Wesley's sixth year with the Ghosts of Sotterley. He has brought skills learned in the Navy and loves to play with all things technical. His day job is a test flight electronic/electrician on trainer jets and is always looking forward to the next year’s Ghosts of Sotterley.
Krista Whites
Stage Manager
Krista Whites is thrilled to be once again working with Historic Sotterley Plantation. She was graduated from West Virginia University in 2012 with a B.F.A. in Theatre concentrating in Theatrical Production and Design. Previous productions include Ragtime, Buried Child, and Blue Man Group. Krista sends her thanks to Dawna for this opportunity, and to her family and Christine for the back-up.
Tour Guides
Emma Carpenter, Jordan Dzialoski, Lindsey Horn, Anna Singer,
Claire Van Beek, Julie Woods
Crybaby Bridge
Dawna Diaz, Zeke Poiro
Personal Pride
Paul Rose
Damage Report
Jacob Dzialoski, John Dzialoski, John Healy
Tim Joyce, Vince Kolman, Colin Maher, Jeff Maher
Chris Burch, Alesandra Rodgers, Camilla Rodgers
Hounds of Sotterley
 Jake Dodges, Allyssa Fox, Katy Kindley, Ashley Maucher, Madeline Rose, Samantha Wilt
Cider House Ghouls
  Jade Burch, Emily Fox, J. J. Mathe, Jared Mathe, Dawn Weber
Spoils of War
Alexander Ivanchev, Iliya Ivanchev, Shannon Ivanchev, Phoenix Spalding
Garden of Gasps
Ellynne Davis, Helena Fondeur, Robin Mathe, Leni Weisel
Fox Hunt
Melissa Johnson, Jeremy Leissner, Brandon Maher,
Maddie Oosterink, Luke Rowe, Brandon Taylor
Joanna Woods
Stephen Rumpf
Tech Support:
David Bizup, Greg Bizup, Samantha Maucher, Sydney Maucher,
Phillip Scassero, Aaron Schoolcraft, Meghan Thomas,
Brianna Whites, Larry Whites
Makeup Support:
Jade Burch, Emma Carpenter, Jordan Dzialoski, Jeana Fondeur,
Emily Gray, Maddie Oosterink, Anna Singer, Brianna Whites
Special Appearance by:
Frank & Pat Greenwell
Special Thanks to:
Atlantic Test Range - UV lights  |  Friends of Sotterley Acting Troupe
The Sotterley Staff  |  TJ Youhn - Gun
Canard’s Catering  |  Days Off Deli  |  Hardesty Haven Catering
Mike’s BBQ & Catering  |  Quality Street Catering
Your Journey Studios - Tom & Carol Davis
 Sotterley Volunteers:
Allen Hicks
Ashley Montes
Betsy King
Bob Trible
Cameron Lloyd
Carter Russell
Catherine Combs
Christine Stanley
Christopher Stanley
Chrystallyn Combs
Cindy Gianacopolos
Debbie Curtis
Debbie Gray
Elizabeth Gray
Elizabeth Prather
Emily Harris
Emma Teed
Eve Love
Gary Weaver, Jr.
Hannah Lord
Hazel McMullin
Hester Burch
Javiel Diaz
Jeff Estepp
Jenni McLellan
Jennifer Dell
JoAnne Wallmark
John Bogner
Kathleen Atkinson
Keith McGuire
Kim Curry
Kisha Jones
Kris Hills
Kristen Maher
Leslie Burgess
Liza Rodriguez
Lori Werrell
Malik Thompson
Marcus Orio
Mary Prather
Matt Evans
Matthew Wilson
Melinda Persiani
Melissa Bogner
Melissa Ramsey
Rick Werrell
Robin Wyvill
Rosalinda Orio
Rose Monan
Ruth Sands
Sage Burch
Sara Proctor
Scott Russell
Scott Teed
Staci Filomena
Stephen Fouche
Thomas Crowder
Thomas Gallagher
Tiffany Filomena
Tom Hills
Towanda Ganges

Take a bow, everyone!

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