Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Take A Bow, Ghosts & All!

Thanks to so many for the five fantastic nights of Ghosts of Sotterley 2018 ~ "Terror on the Home Front!" The cast and crew all did a phenomenal job bringing the thrills and chills from the Civil War era to life in the eeriest ways. Tour guests enjoyed trekking through the woods, trying to anticipate what could possibly come next, only to be shocked by the realistic creepiness in each and every scene! Take a bow, all of you! You have our sincere thanks ... and very loud and lasting applause!

Helena Fondeur -  Producer
Dawn Weber -  Director
Paul Rose -  Playwright & Director
Wesley Thomas  -  Technical Director
AnneMarie Karnbach - Stage Manager

Hypnotic Strangers
Pat Greenwell
Frank Greenwell

Hungry Ma’
Lilygrace Bennear
Leigh Deane
Abigail Karnbach 

Marching Home
Alyssa Collins
Jaden Collins
Ella Knight
Anna Maucher
Jeff Peters

Just Desserts
Michael Blackwell
David Randle

 Professional Pride
Chris Joyce
Tiana White

Cider Ghouls
Joanne Fuesel
Chloe Harsha
Courtney Rosenstadt
Cameron Wade
Rebecca Webb
Dress Up
Zoe Crow
Carmella DelGiudice
Kaydence Drys
Madeline Rose
Toe the Line
Greg Collins
Nick Krikstan
Ryan Molish

Tour Guides
AnaMaria Fondeur
Skyeler Junkins
Chandra Hancock
Julia Hancock
Lynn Burton
Natalie Rowe
Joanna Woods

Makeup Support
Rebekah DelGiudice
Jeana Fondeur
Anna Singer
Liv Wright
Sydney Maucher 

Tech Support
Larry Whites
Jason Collins

Our Volunteers
Bob Trible
Eve Love
Julia Dobson
Lacey Benton
Debbie Gray
Quang Vu
Jenna Lane
Deryk Lambert
Carissa Foster
Charles Andrade
Malik Fulgham
Madison Feldman
Dave Layman
Jennifer Donaldson
Regan Coombs
Gillian Cummings
Kyle Goodrich
Tracy Fortuna
Judith Mattingly
Reagan Powers
Marci Turner
Savannah Wood
Kai Jung
Haley Wade
Diontre Porter
Terri Butt
Teresa Bontrager
Beth Joseph
Kimberly Johnson
Jack Collins
Hannah Collins
Clayton Burch
Lori Werrell
Rick Werrell
Katie Hayden
Leslie Burgess
Kai Jung
Keith Tschida
Elizabeth Prather
Dan Olver
Tammy Parsons
Craig Tyer
Susan Summers
Jane Bachman
Laura Berryman
Nancy Easterling
Joe Goldsmith
Katherine Humphries
Kim Husick
Eve Love
Eileen Miller
Ginger Newman-Askew
Jeanne Pirtle
Arleen Strider

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