Wednesday, October 23, 2019

In Honor of United Nations Day: The bridge between Sotterley and the UN.

FDR coined the name “United Nations,” that represented 26 nations joined together to defeat the Axis Powers in WWII.  After the war, 50 countries helped to create its charter, and the UN was officially signed and then came into being on Oct. 24, 1945. Remember that the United States and Soviet Union fought together against Hitler’s Germany during WWII. The UN was founded to solve disputes and conflicts to avoid wars and armed conflict. The UN charter includes these directives:
Maintain International Peace and Security, Protect Human Rights, Deliver Humanitarian Aid, Promote Sustainable Development, Uphold International Law. 

UNESCO is the United Nations, Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
UNESCO helps preserve culture and history throughout the world, part of this is designating World Heritage Sites, of which some are in the United States. In December 2018, Sotterley was designated a UNESCO Slave Route Site of Memory, which promotes education, heritage and healing. 

In April 7, 1948 the World Health Organization was established, a concept of the United Nations.  WHO is a specialized agency of the United Nations that has its own charter and concentrates on international public health. Sotterley’s last private owner, Mabel Satterlee Ingalls, used her expertise and education in bacteriology and public health during WWII and also was a liaison officer between the World Health Organization and the United Nations. She conducted surveys of health services in developing countries. Ingalls’ daughter, Sandra, married Jan van Heerden, who served as vice deputy director with the United Nations Development Programme. 

Mabel Satterlee Ingalls, last private owner of Sotterley, shown far left 
& former Sotterley Trustee, Grace Horton, shown right.

UNESCO Day of Remembrance Event at Sotterley,
August 23, 2019 

Link:    United Nations Day

LinK:  World Health Organization

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