Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Applause! Applause!

Less than two weeks ago, the Riverside WineFest 2010 was held at our magnificent site for its ninth year running - and what a success it was! I must apologize for not posting this sooner, but it has taken me this long to compile the list of everyone who played a role in making this event possible. My hope is that I did not leave off even a single name and/or organization. I also hope that every name is spelled correctly.

When I presented a hard copy of this list to the Executive Director, and she flipped through it page by page, we agreed that this visual was absolutely humbling. THANK YOU ALL for being part of the Sotterley Plantation history. Your generosity of time, talents, and contributions enables us to carry on the mission of this non-profit, National Historic Landmark:

to preserve, interpret, and research Sotterley Plantation’s diverse cultures and environments throughout its history, to serve as a public education resource, and to provide a cultural venue for the community.

Mary Abell
Phyllis Abell
Heather Adams
DeAnn Alder
Aloft Solutions, LLC – Event Patron
Roy Altizer
Aunt Iffy’s Kitchen Team
Ausley Associates, Inc. – Event Supporter
Aris Axley
BAE Systems, Inc. – Corporate Circle Member & Major Event Sponsor
BAE Systems’ Employees
Bailey’s Rentals – Major Event Sponsor
Baldwin & Briscoe, LLC – Event Patron & Program Advertiser
T. J. Ball
Donald Barber, Treasurer, Sotterley Board of Trustees
Callista Bartee
The BayNet – Major Event Sponsor
BayNet Radio – John Hunt and James LePore
BB&T Bank – Program Advertiser
Kristen Beck
Rose Beitzell - Studio R
Barbara Bell
Mary Bell
Barbara Bersane
Barbara Bershon – SMCM River Concert Series
Best Buy – Event Supporter
Blair’s Jewelers – Program Advertiser
Blazer’s Enterprises – Corporate Circle Member
Blue Fox Consulting – Program Advertiser
Blue Wind Gourmet – Program Advertiser & Sign Location
Miriam Bonk
Mickey Bowes – Banner Location
Paul Brackna – Paul Brackna Jewelry Designs
Lynn Brant-Keenan
Ashton Bressler
Nancy Bressler
Breton Bay Golf & Country Club – Event Patron
Dane Briddell
Katie Brinkman
Rose Brinkman
Jan Briscoe, President, Sotterley Board of Trustees
Dave Brown, Sotterley Board of Trustees
Erna Brown
Glenn Brown
Regina Brown, Sotterley Membership/Volunteer Coordinator
Caitlin Brunetta
Bruster’s Real Ice Cream Team
Susan Buckley – Color & Light Society
Burchoil Company, Inc. – Program Advertiser
Leslie Burgess
Reggie Bush
Pete Butt - Communications Facilities
Elizabeth Bygler – Color & Light Society
Café des Artiste – Program Advertiser
Norman Caine
California Wine & Spirits – Program Advertiser
The Calvert Independent
Calvert Marina – Event Supporter
Calvert Marine Museum – Program Advertiser
Suzanne Cameron - The Bead Hive
Caren’s of Solomons – Program Advertiser
Leanne Carr
Steve Carroll
Carroll’s Equipment – Event Patron & Program Advertiser
Justin Cartrette
Art Casale
Joyce Casale
Chaney Foundation – Corporate Circle Member
Gary Christoffersen, Sotterley Maintenance
Jan Christoffersen
Brianna Church
Bob Clagett
Clear Channel Outdoors
Clipper’s Canine Café – Program Advertiser
Isabel Cochran
Lorrie Cohen
Coldwell Banker
Colleen’s Dream – Program Advertiser
Color & Light Society
Community Bank of Tri-County – Event Supporter & Program Advertiser
Community Bank of Tri-County Employees
Compass Pointe – Program Advertiser & Banner Location
Cathy Conlon - St. Mary’s County State’s Attorney’s Office
Wayne Copsey - Copsey’s Seafood & Ice
Debbie Cox
Bret Craven
Jennifer Culpepper
Betty Currie, Sotterley Board of Trustees
Devi Cusack - Wine Glass Charms by Cusack
Shamika Daniels
Dargan & Miller, DDS – Program Advertiser
Janet Davis - EarArt 'n' Things
Jeanne Davis
Wayne Davis, Sotterley Board of Trustees
Jennifer Dell
Marshall Derrick
Cary Desmond
Dawna Diaz
Ming Diaz
Nancy Donley - Ch'Naca Fiberworks
Rachel Dorsett
Elizabeth Dunn
Kay Duvall – Color & Light Society
Alan Easterling
Nancy Easterling, Sotterley Executive Director and WineFest Committee
Cheryl Eisele - Wild Willow Soap
Catherine Elder
Louise Evans
Karen Everett
Teri Farbizio
Jonas Faries
Paul Fenton – Banner Location
Madison Fischer
Sara Fisher
Marlene Fisk
Lynn Fitrell, Sotterley Board of Trustees
Billy Fitzgerald – Banner Location
Dean Fogel - Southern Maryland Wine Association
Brittany Forrest
Gary Frick - Rainbow's End
Carlo Fugate
Full Stride Communications – Program Advertiser
Celeste Furey
Pat Furey, Sotterley Board of Trustees
G.S. Proctor – Major Event Sponsor
The Ganlee Fund – Corporate Circle Member & Major Event Sponsor
Jessica Gary
Gary Rue and the Dance Hall Ghost - Music
John Gaskin
Anita George – Color & Light Society
Kristi Getson
Joe Goldsmith, Sotterley Maintenance Manager
Louise Gough
Donna Grant - Dragon Skin Designs
Debbie Gray
Benjamin Greb
Bradley Greb
Cindy Greb, Sotterley Board of Trustees
Cindy Greb & Compass Pointe
Jalisa Green
Beau Greene
Greenwell Foundation – Program Advertiser
Tabatha Griffin
Hilke Haeofer
Chasity Hall
Tricia Hall – Bead Boutique
Iris Hall-Willey – Color & Light Society
Lori Hamilton
Ken Hardy
Nancy Hardy
Bob Haus
Ronnie Henry
Heritage Printing & Graphics – Major Event Sponsor & Program Advertiser
Marg Hjelmstad – Color & Light Society
Diane Hicks
Historic St. Mary’s City – Program Advertiser
Juliet Hoey
Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department & Rescue Squad
Shelly Horne
Johnny Houser
Hugh C. Gardiner, Inc.- Event Patron
Pat Hughes – Color & Light Society
Kim Husick, Sotterley Office Manager
Jill Hutchinson
Interlude Pet Resort & Spa, LLC – Program Advertiser
Linda Ireland
Trina Jacobs
The Jazz Caravan – Music
Henry Johnson, Sotterley Seasonal Maintenance
Bert Johnston, Sotterley Board of Trustees
Beverly Johnston
Louise Jones
Marshall Jones
Peggy Jones
Julia & Co. Salon and Spa – Program Advertiser
Joanna Kang
Angelina Killian
Kevin Killian
Kim - United Site Services
Sarah Knight
Rebecca Knopp
Ann Kovalchik
Phyllis Kranokutsky
Mary Kukla
Paul Kukla
Mickey Kunkle - MK Creations
LaQuinta Inn & Suites – Program Advertiser
Lamson, LeBlanc & Carmean , LLC – Program Advertiser
Larry Langfeldt – Color & Light Society
Carolyn Laray - St. Mary’s County Office of Tourism
Robert & Wanda Larton - Stoners Wine Glass Holders
Steve Lee
Lenny’s Restaurant Team
Cherie Leonard – Color & Light Society
Bob Lewis
Michela Liljeroot
Rebecca Lindberg
Claudio Lira
Rebecca Lira
Melanie Lohwater
Eve Love
Carol Lundquist - Wine Bottle Art
Mamelah’s Macaroons & More Team
Maryland Bank & Trust – Event Supporter
Maryland Wineries Association – Program Advertisers
Butch Mattingly
John Mattingly - Zahniser’s Yachting Center
Meagan Mattingly
Sharon Mattingly, WineFest Committee – Admissions & Banner Location
Lee McCullough
The McNelis Group, LLC – Event Patron & Program Advertiser
Sonya Meeker
MetroCast – Major Event Sponsor
Eileen Miller, Sotterley Marketing Manager and WineFest Committee
Mary Miller
Rex Miller – Color & Light Society
Robert Miller
Randy Miracle
Mix 107.3
Julia Moe, Vice-President, Sotterley Board of Trustees
Paula Moroz
Roy Morris – United Site Services
Lorraine Morrisette
Kim Ngo
Maria Nickerson
Nick Nickerson
Sheri Burch Norris – Banner Location
North End Gallery – Program Advertiser
Mr. and Mrs. Northrop
Northrop Grumman – Event Supporter
Valerie Norton
On A Roll Team
Jade Ostner – Maryland Wineries Association
PNC Bank – Corporate Circle Member & Program Advertiser
PNC Bank Employees
Dan Parker
The Patuxent Partnership – Event Patron
Patuxent River Naval Air Museum – Banner Location
The Pax Rats - Music
Personalized Therapy, LLC – Event Patron & Program Advertiser
Petty Family Trust – Corporate Circle Member
David Phalen
Mitzi Phalen
Kathryn Phillips
Shoni Pilip Florea
Pink Beach III – Program Advertiser
Jeanne Pirtle, Sotterley Education Director
Rob Plant & Blue Wind Gourmet
Prince George’s Federal Savings Bank – Program Advertiser
Steve Purvins - Lawton Hall Farm
Quality Street/JT Daugherty – Program Advertiser
Radnor Manufacturing – Event Patron
Raley, Watts & O’Neill Insurance and Financial Services – Corporate Circle Member
Judy Raynor
Red-Inc - Research and Engineering Development, Inc. – Program Advertiser
Donna Reeves – Banner Location
Paul Rehder
Sue Rehder
Rhonda Richie
River Concert Series – SMCM – Program Advertiser
Kathy Rodman – Sotterley Museum Shop Manager
Rod Rodman
Camilla Rogers
Steven Ross
Erin Rothback
Hannah Rothback
Janet Rowland
Sabre Systems – Event Patron
Linda Sanborn – Color & Light Society
Bill Schmalgemer
Heather Schneider
Rena Schutz
Rick Schutz
Seafarers Harry Lundeberg School of Seamanship
Sir Pops A Lot Team
Annie Skaggs
Julie Slade
Smartronix – Corporate Circle Member
Sherman Smith – Banner Location
Louise Snell, WineFest Committee - Music
SOMAR Communications - Star 98.3 and Easy 97.7 - TBone & Heather
Southern Maryland Newspapers
Southern Maryland Wine Growers Cooperative
Michael Spriggs
St. Mary’s County Board of Commissioners
St. Mary’s County Fairgrounds
St. Mary’s County Office of Tourism – Major Event Sponsor & Program Advertiser
St. Mary’s County Parks and Recreation
St. Mary's County Times
St. Mary’s Hospital, MedStar Health – Program Advertiser
St. Mary’s River Watershed Association – Program Advertiser
St. Mary’s River Yacht Club
Mary Ann Stamm
Mike Stamm
Ginni Stein, WineFest Committee - Artisans
Sue Stevenson – Color & Light Society
Connie Stoker
Gene Stoker
James Stoker
Flo Stone
Roger Stone, Sotterley Board of Trustees
Arleen Strider, Sotterley Finance Manager
Emma Strider
Erin Strider
Michael Strider, Jr.
Sunshine’s Catering Team
Melanie Sweezy
Karen Szachnitowski – Color & Light Society
Lynn Tarburton
Richard Tarr and St. Mary’s Public Works
Taste of the Bay
Merideth Taylor, Sotterley Board of Trustees
Diana Thackston
Carole Thieme – Color & Light Society
Robyn Thompson
Carla Tomaszewski of BAE Systems
Top Hat Party Design – Event Supporter
Tri-County Abstract – Corporate Circle Member
Bob Trible, WineFest Committee - Membership
Carole Tucker
David Tucker - Iron Spirit Forge
Linda Tucker-Jones, Sotterley Event Manager and WineFest Committee
Fran Turgeon
The Turner Family
Cynthia Ulmer
Uncle Jack - Music
United Site Services – Event Supporter
Margaret Vanwormer
W.M. Davis, Inc. – Corporate Circle Member & Event Supporter & Program Advertiser
April Walker
Charles Wallace
Joshua Walles
Stephanie Walsh
David Wardrup - The Happy Turner in Owings
Nancy Warren
Tammy Weiland
James Wendler
Wentworth Nursery – Corporate Circle Member
Bonnie Wheeler
Michael Whitson
Melinda Wiggins
Jon Williams
Rebecca Willis
Karol Wolgemuth
Brittane Woodard
Julie Woods
Megan Woods
Mary Wrabley
Wyle – Event Patron
Joanne Yates - Joanne's Country Baskets
Ellen Zahniser – WineFest Committee Chair & Program Advertiser & Banner Location
Skip Zahniser
Zahniser’s Yachting Center – Event Supporter

Historic Sotterley, Inc. Board of Trustees
Janice L. Briscoe, Esq., President
Julia Moe, Vice President
Gita S. van Heerden, PhD., Secretary
Donald M. Barber, Treasurer
Robert B. Aldridge
David G. Brown
Martina P. Callum, M.D.
Betty W. Currie
Wayne M. Davis
Lynn R. Fitrell
Patrick W. Furey, Esq.
Cynthia W. Greb
Bonnie M. Green
M. Arshed Javaid
Charles H. Johnston
John J. McAllister, Jr.
Michael L. Middleton
Gregory Steve Proctor
Roger D. Stone
Merideth M. Taylor
Rick Tepel

And last but not least, much thanks to everyone who attended this year's event! Mark your calendar for our 10th Riverside WineFest at Sotterley: October 1 & 2, 2011.

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