Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ghosts Volunteers - Way to Go!!!

THANK YOU to all of Sotterley Volunteers who worked the Ghosts of Sotterley Tours 2010! Bringing together the enthusiastic, committed group of volunteers for this three night event was Regina Brown, Sotterley Membership/Volunteer Coordinator. She successfully found the right people to work Admissions, Membership, Volunteer Check-in, Office Help, Callers, Timer, Museum Shop, Pushers, Bonfire, and Parking. Without further ado, take a bow volunteers:
Zach Allen
Ryan Beem
Pat Brown
Steve Carroll
Krysta Cheek
Isabel Cochran
John Cook
Linda Cruikshank
Richard Dawson
Jennifer Dell
Paul Ditzel
Savannah Duke
Liz Dunn
Michael Dunn
Jennifer Fairfax
Kelly Fisher
Nicholas Fuhrmann
Thomas Gallager
Debbie Gray
Dustin Hahn
Chasity Hall
Eva Hetmanski
Loretta Hetmanski
Melissa Hislop
Randy Hislop
Bert Johnston
Beverly Johnston
Marshall Jones
Cheri Kidd
Jessica Kincaid
Shawn Kovacic
Eve Love
Katelin Napier
Brittany Powell
Judy Raynor
Becca Redman
Paul Rehder
Sue Rehder
Barry Rice
Emma Rockey
Steven Ross
Jason Russell
Robert Schultz
Heather Shea
Louise Snell
Mary Sothoron
Connie Stoker
Gene Stoker
Bob Trible
Lillian Turner
Aleks Vanoss
Shannon Vanoss
Vince Vanoss
Travis Vine
Charles Wallace
Nancy Warren
Morgan Weiss
Lorri Werrell
Rebecca Werrell
Robert Wood
Brittane Woodward
You ARE the Heart of Sotterley!

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