Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ghosts of Sotterley Tours 2010 - "The Civil War at Sotterley - The Nation will rise again ... and so will the dead!"

Final preparations in full swing for this year's Ghosts of Sotterley Tours! Tomorrow night (Thursday) is opening night and the Friends of Sotterley Acting Troupe, all volunteers, are tremendously psyched to present this year's historical dramatization entitled, "The Civil War at Sotterley - The Nation will rise again ... and so will the dead!"

The Nation is divided by the Civil War and the death toll is rising. Danger lurks at every turn, especially for Confederate sympathizers. While the state of Maryland voted to hold an official position of neutrality during the war, much of Southern Maryland took a pro confederate stance. Many residents, like the Briscoe family who owned Sotterley during this era, took great pains and often great risks to support the Confederate cause. The characters you will meet along the tour are all based on real people and the stories they have to tell are steeped in historical fact. Each scene will offer a different perspective during a difficult period in our Nation’s history, while entertaining and spooking visitors at the same time.

Producer - Dawna Diaz
Technical Direction - Wesley Thomas, Ming Diaz
Director - Dawna Diaz Assistant Director - James LePore
Costumes - Joanna Wood, Helena Fondeur
Stage Manager - Anne Hammett
Makeup - Ming Diaz, Dawna Diaz
Sound - Stephen Rumpf
Playwright - James LePore

Mary Blades - Melissa Johnson
School Girls - Sage Burch, Jeana Fondeur, Sabrina Hein
Wounded Soldier - Emily Colby
Soldier - Paul Rose
Dr. Briscoe - Craig Miller
Henry Briscoe - Michael Roscoe
Wounded Soldier - Hunter Lengel
Sergeant - Steve Bayles
Sam Blalock - Shannon Clarke
Keith Blalock - Johnathan Elmore
Creepy Girls - Ashlie Coon, Abby Kuehne, Tia LePore
Scary Couple - Frank and Pat Greenwell
Jeanette Briscoe - Andrea Hein
Zarvona - John Raley
Crowd - Ben Burton, Evan Korn, Samantha Kuehne, Emma Rawlinson,
Kristen Woods, Megan Woods
Encampment - Helena Fondeur, Katrina Lindemann, AnaMaria Fondeur
Despondent Soldier - Patrick Welton
Hillery Kane - Montario Hill
Confederate Soldier - Anna Singer
Tour Guides - Maureen Baxter, Cara Brzozowski, Lynn Burton, Amanda LePore,
Pam Parker, Claire van Beek, Julie Woods
Union Soldiers - Ken Barwis, Dan Riley, Mel Wisniewski, Eric Zabiegalski
Estes - Dave Rawlinson
Tech help - Many wonderful and talented people

RESERVATIONS REQUIRED! Book your tour time online:!
Phone orders: 301-373-2280 offer limited availability, so booking online may be you best bet.

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