Monday, October 18, 2010

Standing Ovation for the Friends of Sotterley Acting Troupe!

It is an absolute pleasure to extend a HUGE Thank You to a group of very important people who are not only involved with bringing parts of Sotterley's history to life (with artistic license, of course), but are part of Sotterley's history.
This past Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, the Friends of Sotterley Acting Troupe hit a home run for the Ghosts of Sotterley Tours, with their outstanding performance of this year's script, "The Civil War at Sotterley - the Nation will rise again ... and so will the dead!" The cast and crew put in countless hours - all volunteer hours - making this such a phenomenal event for the audience numbering 1,098! In the spirit of giving credit where credit is due, we would like to thank these incredible Friends of Sotterley, who are most definitely friends:

Dawna Diaz
Director, Producer, Makeup
Dawna has been actively involved in all aspects of the Ghosts of Sotterley Tours for the past 6 years. She loves working with the creative technical genius of her husband. When not on a stage, she can be found Mediating or working her day job on base at Atlantic Test Range.

James LePore
Assistant Director, Playwright
This is the 2nd year James has written and assistant directed Sotterley’s Ghost Tour. He acts at the Three Notch Theatre, most recently in Neil Simon's Rumors, and does TV commercials, voiceover work, and DJ’s on BayNet Radio. James loves Sotterley and is honored to be a part of her history.

Ming Diaz
Technical Director, Makeup
Ming has been acting and doing tech since the 60's in middle school and there is no cure in sight. His constant enjoyment is working for people who want to play in their performances while giving audiences their best. His alter ego is being a clown and face-painter for children.

Wesley Thomas
Technical Director
This is Wesley's second year with the Ghosts of Sotterley Tours. He has brought skills learned in the Navy and loves to play will all things technical. His day job is as a test flight electronic/electrician on trainer jets and is always looking forward to the next Ghosts of Sotterley Tours.

Producer - Dawna Diaz
Technical Direction - Wesley Thomas, Ming Diaz
Director - Dawna Diaz
Assistant Director - James LePore
Costumes - Joanna Wood, Helena Fondeur
Stage Manager - Anne Hammett
Makeup - Ming Diaz, Dawna Diaz
Sound - Stephen Rumpf
Playwright - James LePore (Zarvona scene adapted with appreciation from 2004 Ghost Tour)
Mary Blades - Melissa Johnson
School Girls - Sage Burch, Jeana Fondeur, Sabrina Hein
Wounded Soldier - Emily Colby
Soldier - Paul Rose
Dr. Briscoe - Craig Miller
Henry Briscoe - Michael Roscoe
Wounded Soldier - Hunter Lengel
Sergeant - Steve Bayles
Sam Blalock - Shannon Clarke
Keith Blalock - Johnathan Elmore
Creepy Girls - Ashlie Coon, Abby Kuehne, Tia LePore
Scary Couple - Frank and Pat Greenwell
Jeanette Briscoe - Andrea Hein
Zarvona - John Raley
Crowd - Ben Burton, Evan Korn, Samantha Kuehne, Emma Rawlinson,
Kristen Woods, Megan Woods
Encampment - Helena Fondeur, Katrina Lindemann, AnaMaria Fondeur
Despondent Soldier - Patrick Welton
Hillery Kane - Montario Hill
Confederate Soldier - Anna Singer
Tour Guides - Maureen Baxter, Cara Brzozowski, Lynn Burton, Amanda LePore,
Pam Parker, Claire van Beek, Julie Woods
Union Soldiers - Ken Barwis, Dan Riley, Mel Wisniewski, Eric Zabiegalski
Estes - Dave Rawlinson
Tech help - Many wonderful and talented people

Atlantic Test Range - UV lights
Banner Placement - Mickey Bowes, Sheri Burch Norris, Wayne Davis
Friends of Sotterley Acting Troupe
Lawrence Joy and Helena Fondeur - costume donations
Mamelah’s Macaroons & More -
The Newtowne Players - lights and support
Patuxent Adventures -
Stephen Rumpf - awesome sound support
Sotterley Staff
Sotterley Volunteers (full list to come)
Wesley Thomas - his unending enthusiasm and support
T.J. Youhn - black powder gun

Raley, Watts & O'Neill Insurance and Financial Services - the official sponsor of the Ghosts of Sotterley Tours

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