Thursday, May 14, 2015

Corporate Sponsor in the Spotlight!

Sotterley relies on our Corporate Partners for the highest level of dedication and commitment. It is through their many efforts that this National Historic Landmark is able to fulfill our mission and give back to the community.

Raley, Watts & O’Neill (RWO) is a long-time partner for Sotterley, and their multifaceted insurance company started locally in St. Mary’s County and has grown to serve the needs of clients through the Mid-Atlantic, the United States, and Internationally. Throughout this growth they remain dedicated to the principles upon which they were founded, and their commitment to bettering our community reflects their organization’s fundamental work ethos.

When Rick Tepel, who has been with RWO since 1994 and member of the Sotterley Board of Trustees, was asked what part of his work he enjoys the most, he said that it was, “The personal relationships you get to make with so many people.  Also, being able to be engaged and help such a diverse group of clients (so many different types of businesses) always keeps things interesting.

Raley, Watts & O’Neill’s relationship with Sotterley began soon after Rick Tepel visited the site with his family. It started when my family and I moved to Hollywood. It created a newfound awareness for me about what Sotterley is and what it means to our community. Plus, my next door neighbor was John Hanson Briscoe, so in spending time with him it made me want to get involved personally. With support from others at RWO, it became something that our entire company wants to help so that Sotterley will survive and succeed,” said Rick.

We thank Raley, Watts & O’Neill for continuing to be one of our valued Corporate Partners. For more information on Raley, Watts & O’Neill, visit rwoinsurance.comTo find out how your company can become a Sotterley Corporate Partner, please contact Nate Ryon at 301-373-2280 or

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