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Holiday Candlelight Tours - "Sotterley Christmas Past"

December 9 & 10th, 2011
First tour begins at 6 pm; tours run every 10 minutes

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Spanning over 300 years of history, this year’s Holiday Candlelight Tours will feature, “Sotterley Christmas Past” on December 9th & 10th with time-traveling tours beginning at 6 p.m. The historical dramatization unfolds within the 1703 Plantation House, with stellar performances by The Sotterley Players.

Visitors will encounter people that have lived and worked at Sotterley Plantation on December 24th. Not just one December 24th, but five different Christmas Eve’s spanning over three centuries. Although separated by time, these families and their servants share common bonds.

James LePore

Jeanne Pirtle

Production Manager
Linda Tucker Jones

Production Assistant
Dawn Lopez

Wesley Thomas

Hair & Make Up
Sarah Georgiou

The Sotterley Players
in order of appearance

Gatehouse 1728
Meet Rebecca Bowles this Christmastide who now owns the plantation after the passing of her husband, James.
Mary Bowles, daughter of Rebecca Bowles - Katrina Lindemann, Lillian Turner, Mallory Turner
Rebecca Bowles, widow of first owner James Bowles - Shannon Ivanchev

Library 1913
Eavesdrop on a Christmas Eve with the Satterlee family of New York who owned and loved Sotterley from 1910-1947.
Herbert Satterlee, owner of Sotterley - Chuck Pirtle
Louisa Morgan Satterlee, Herbert’s wife - Betsy Kebaugh
Mabel Morgan Satterlee, daughter, age 12 - Tia LePore
Eleanor Morgan Satterlee, daughter, age 8 - Emily Fox
Charles Knott, farm manager at Sotterley - Stephen Rumpf
Katherine Rooney, maid at Sotterley - Amanda LePore
Mary Doyle, a domestic for Satterlee family - Sarah Pollard

Drawing Room 1802
Christmastide arrives each year, but family hardship keeps no calendar. Visit John Rousby Plater, the guardian of Sotterley, his family and friends.

John Rousby Plater, the guardian of Sotterley - Patrick Welton
Thomas Plater, John’s younger brother - Jeremy Leisner
William Somerville, John’s counsel - Frank Greenwell
Elizabeth Somerville, William’s wife - Pat Greenwell
Elizabeth (Tuttle) Plater, John Plater’s wife - Erin Rothback
Martha Plater, Thomas Plater’s wife - Catherine McKnight

Red Room 1850
A prosperous peacetime at Sotterley, but often peace is still costly for some. Share a Christmas with the Briscoe family as they discuss the plantation and family celebrations.
Robert Plater, a domestic slave (Thursday & Friday) - Jivon Jackson
Mary Doyle, (Saturday) a domestic - Sarah Pollard
Dr. Walter Hanson Stone Briscoe, owner of Sotterley - Neil Rothback, Paul Rose
Emeline Briscoe, Walter’s wife - Geno Rothback
Chapman Billingsley, Dr. Briscoe’s brother-in-law - Paul Rose
Lydia Billingsley, Chapman’s wife & Emeline’s sister - Helena Fondeur
Henry Briscoe, Briscoe’s son - Thomas Church
Jeanette Briscoe, Briscoe’s daughter - Hannah Rothback

Dining Room 1958
After spending joyous times with her family at Sotterley as a child, Mabel Satterlee Ingalls has come back to remember and share an intimate gathering with close friends this Christmas.
Ruth Barber, a domestic for Mrs. Ingalls - Shemika Berry
India Knott, Charles Knott’s wife - Leni Weisl
Mabel Satterlee Ingalls, owner of Sotterley - Kim Bessler
Mary van Renssalaer Cogswell Thayer, friend - Bettylou Ryan
Mary Marvin Patterson, friend - Debbie Curtis

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