Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mighty Volunteers Make All the Difference!

When we say "Volunteers are the Heart of Sotterley," we absolutely mean it! Our volunteers were out in full force last Saturday for Family Plantation Christmas, making this a wonderful memory for so many! It is because of their efforts that everything ran smoothly and all enjoyed themselves. We couldn't make this happen without them. A BIG Thanks to the following:

Adrienne Gordon

Alecia Smith

Annie Skaggs

Bernadette Garner

Betsy King

Bob Aldridge

Brian Pelkey

Brittany Benthall

Carol Fugate

Carole Tucker

Cheri Kidd

Daphne McGuire

Debbie Gray

Ericka Schmitt

Gabriel Jensen

Gordon Moe

Haley Rizkallah

Jamie Maresh

Jared Mathe

Jay Massey

Jeff Long

Jesse Stottlemyer

Judy Moe

Kara Davis

Katelyn Mattingly

Katerina Dudley

Keene Kelderman

Kimmy Tate

Kris Hills

Kristen Hay

Kristen Woods

Laura Dean

Leslie Burgess

Liz DeLorme

Lori Hamilton

Lyndsay Fournier

Marie Rau

Mary Bonk

Mary Roderick

Megan Woods

Melissa Hislop

Mellanie Sweezy

Miriam Bonk

Nick Hills

Nicole Raby

Paula Moroz

Rich Richardson

Rob Gibbs

Sandy Kraft

Steven Morris

Susannah Fowler

Tina Keeler

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